About Us

After many years of using promotional products, Debra decided to jump in to the world of marketing .. what fun! One of her first memories of promotional products was using frog coin key chains! Yes, the ones that were like the coin holders! You could squeeze and the frog mouth would open. They added a pink paper tongue with the booth number printed on the slip of paper, fan folded that paper, and placed inside where you could “see that tongue sticking out! They wanted people by their trade show booth. She knew it had to be unique .. not the same old pen! She knew that they had to make the trade show attendees experience with the company one of a kind She KNEW .. if they could be different, set themselves apart from the other exhibitors, people would come and buy but most importantly they would remember their company after they went home ..long after the trade show experience! If I can ever find one of those key chains, she promises to post a pic.. it is truly a treasured memory!

Paper Sack Promotionals was created in 2010 with the mission to help your company become more! Founder, Debra Wood, would like to share her excitement for Paper Sack, a company specializing in providing creative ideas and quality products for people who are seeking long lasting relationships. Having someone you can call, someone who will take care of your business and order, someone who will make sure it makes to you by your deadline.. keeping you posted along the way.. then you have found the RIGHT place! If you have visited with Debra, you know she likes to visit. Some say she gets that quality from her great Aunt Bess and she says if so, GREAT! Call her today and get started on helping your company become more!