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Paper Sacks Only?

NO WAY! Promotional items are only the beginning! Paper Sack Promotionals now offers sales training, online personal growth programs and mastermind groups. 
Would you like more info on training? Certainly! Click here!

New things you will NOT want to miss at Paper Sack Promotionals! May we ask .. "How do you promote YOU and your group?"

Kind of like sharpening your "tools" for your professional skills toolbox! As our friend, John Maxwell says, "We want to provide more, more and more before! We realize you need information you can carry with you on a daily basis, kind of like packing a nutritious lunch in an old fashioned paper bag. Feed your mind, nurture your soul and create more than ever before!   

Promotional Items

YES! A ruler, a lunch box, a key tag and more .. They ALL can tell a story and create an instant bond with you and your customer! Your customer remembering you means your mission was accomplished! Allow Paper Sack to make this process easy and simple! 


Personal Development

Want your team to become better leaders? Time invested in an online course, a book study, leadership training and communication skills will help create the growth environment that will take your company to the next level! It starts with YOU! 

Mastermind Groups

"Two or more minds coming together to create something unique" Join a group of 6-8 entrepreneurs meeting virtually bi weekly to celebrate wins, help with your obstacles and allow set actions to help YOU put words into action!




Why does Paper Sack Promotionals stand out among the rest?

Our desire is for you to be "A SPLASHING SUCCESS" with your people!

Our mission is your complete satisfaction. We are committed to serving and satisfying your needs better than anyone, helping you create long-lasting relationships & sales with your people. 

Looking for the next level?

Meet with Debra and other like minded individuals in an atmosphere of team, growth and accountability! Find her energy contagious and "way" of encouraging you to set goals and CRUSH them!


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