Paper Sack Promotionals is a "one of kind" company specializing in quality products and customer service.

Debra Wood, our founder continues to believe that promotional products played a key role in building her first multi-million dollar business. From school teachers, to school supply stores to school board meetings,she had something that was fun, colorful and created a memory each time she left a room! 

Fast forward to 2010, and she found herself on chapter 2 of life wondering what was next? 

What about a promotional products company? A company that could serve others with great ideas, awesome customer service and TRULY partnering with customers guaranteeing quality products, in time delivery AND customer service that is like none other! 

And that is exactly what she did! She came up with an unforgettable name (Yes, we deliver everything in paper sacks) a logo with an unique twist and she started sharing her 30 years of experience in marketing using promo items with anyone who would stand still! 

Today, Debra is extremely proud of her team (and they are AMAZING!)  that continue to carry on her mission of being the company that people LIKE, KNOW and TRUST ... AND want to do business with! 

Interested in chatting ... give us a call and we will try to slow her down for a minute because we know she would love the opportunity to earn your business and serve you! Her heart .. yes, it is as BIG as Texas! 

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